Alex Kim

B.Eng. (Mining) (Hons), Mining Engineering manager of coal mines (NSW), Mining Engineering Manager of UG coal mines (NSW)

With over 6 years of industry experience, Alex is an experienced mining analyst who has been involved in various aspects of the mining business including but not limited to due diligence, feasibility study, M&A and project valuation.
He also completed a high-level financial modelling of a Queensland coal mine which showcased his in-depth knowledge in mine financial planning and analysis. Alex has a relentless emphasis on the financial and mining facet along with strong experience in contract management and business improvement which benefit him to provide support to any mine business requirements.


  • Contract Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Analysis & Valuation
  • Cost Modelling
  • Tendering & Contracts Management

Track Record

  • Alex was involved in a high-level project valuation process for a Queensland coal asset. As a person in charge, he actively engaged with the mine operator to develop business opportunities to further enhance the performance of the mine and also with the auditor to discuss realistic price forecasts to adopt in the LOM model. As a result, he was able to supply a financial model, which satisfied both the company and the auditor
  • At POSCO Australia, as a Project Manager, Alex had numerous experiences in M&A activities. He was involved in a due diligence task force to assess the economic viability of various projects including coal, iron ore and battery materials
  • He was involved in the review process of the pre-feasibility study conducted for an underground coal mine expansion. Focused on the estimated production volume, costs model, major risks etc. to assess whether the opportunity was promising enough to be proceeded into the feasibility study stage. Alex reported the key findings of the pre-feasibility study and concluded that considering the production and costs figure, the opportunity had enough economic viability to conduct the feasibility study
  • As a Project Manager, Alex conducted a general market research on assets located in Australia. He prioritised projects based on key parameters that clients were looking for (market cap, target production volume and etc.) to suggest the best potential investment targets