Amin Sharaf

BEng (Elec), NER, RPEQ

Amin is a skilled project engineer with over 12 years of experience in critical sectors covering grain silos, water treatment plants, and mining sites specialising in control systems and project management.

He has a diverse range of international experience and expertise in highly technical industrial and onsite commissioning operations, automation and building services projects. He is highly versatile with a demonstrated ability to adapt to new technologies and drive innovation. Amin is client focused, capable and delivers a high-quality service in challenging situations.


  • Electrical Project Engineering
  • Design and Management
  • Scheduling and Cost Control
  • Electrical Project Management
  • Scoping and Project Management

Track Record

  • While employed at Banlaw in Western Australia, Amin provided specialized engineering support, reviewing designs, and supervising on-site commissioning. His work played a vital role in achieving maintenance improvement and cost reduction targets.
  • As Project Manager at the Alexandrian Grain Silos Amin demonstrated his strong negotiation and problem solving skills by resolving a supply shortage issue of fire alarm system components which threatened lengthy project delays. His technical input plus negotiations with the vendor and client reached an agreement to ensure the project was completed on time.
  • Amin provides specialist electrical engineering support, including the preparation of technical reports and calculations, monitoring installation, submittals, and usage of engineering tools, ensuring project and commissioning guidelines are adhered to.
  • He has worked on a major grain terminal in Denmark, overseeing the design phase, identifying, and accessing new technologies and leading a team of engineers in developing and managing schedules and budgets to achieve project deliverables.
  • Consulting on a power distribution panel upgrade project in WA, Amin addressed a technical challenge of the existing plant compatibility that would potentially lead to major delays and power disruptions. Amin led a team of engineers in a comprehensive rewiring and reconfiguration effort, resulting in a seamless integration of the new panels, ultimately improving the efficiency and reliability of the power distribution system.