Brendan Littlewood

BEng (Civ & Min), Cert IV TAE

With 9 years in the resources industry across various commodities, Brendan has extensive drill and blast experience and has developed a strong fundamental understanding of explosive performance and the impact to downstream mining processes.

He has a strong proven history of supporting various open cut coal operations with technical support including training of drill and blast personnel, blast performance improvement projects and controlling the environmental impacts of blasting.


  • Open Cut Drill & Blast
  • Multi-Thin Seam Operations
  • Project Delivery
  • Project Valuation
  • Tendering & Contracts Management

Track Record

  • Working at Mangoola Coal, Brendan conducted productive blasting while adhering to vibration limits imposed by Ausgrid to prevent damage and interruption to 440kV powerline infrastructure. Blast designs were implemented and handed over to site engineers. On-going support was provided with test blasting and analysis completed to allow blasting to progress within 30m of infrastructure
  • As the Drill and Blast Engineer for Moolarben Coal, he reviewed blasting parameters including target powder factors and product selection for opportunities to reduce drill and blast costs. Changes were implemented resulting in a powder factor reduction of 10% and a drill and blast cost saving of $3.8m
  • Brendan implemented changes to the mine plan for Moolarben Coal, to maximise potential for casting blasting. Blast designs were implemented with decking techniques, gamma logging and use of EBS detonators to maximise cast material while minimising coal loss. Cast percentage was increased from 15% to 35% with no reports of coal loss due to blasting
  • Leading the recovery and investigation of large-scale misfire events across multiple blasts at an open cut coal mine, Brendan performed risk assessments and developed procedures to identify potential misfires, allowing for explosive products to be safely recovered and disposed
  • As the onsite engineer for the OH2K section of the Pacific Highway duplication, he completed blast designs and coordinated blasting activities. Blasts were completed adjacent to the Pacific Highway with a 10-minute window before reopening the road to the public. All blasts were delivered within the required time with no adverse effects to the highway or nearby residential properties