Bruce Folpp

GradDip MBusTech, Dip Mech Eng, Mine Mech Eng OC Cert of Comp, Cert to SMRP.

Bruce has close to 45 years’ experience working primarily in the resources industry across NSW and QLD.

His career has involved employment in various management and technical positions for Glencore, BHP, Anglo American and others. Bruce has extensive experience with surface mining equipment, CHPPs and port operations. Bruce’s career has seen him employed in senior technical and management roles both on site and at corporate level. His track record demonstrates his ability to lead maintenance and reliability processes in a manner that has direct impact on profitability, efficiency, cost management, quality, safety, client satisfaction, and innovation.


  • Asset Performance & Optimisation
  • Asset Management
  • Mine Maintenance & Engineering
  • Business Improvement
  • Risk Management

Track Record

  • Bruce has led organisational change by transitioning open-cut operations (engineering and maintenance elements) from one major mining house to another large mining house ownership. He also led a transition of open-cut operations from MARC to owner operate responsibilities.
  • Bruce has successfully delivered on key functional services such as: budget reviews and budget attainability, risk assessments, interpreted performance data to direct focus to the areas of best improvement, rationalisation of equipment lives to defer capital spend, RCAs to minimise repeat losses, mentoring of machine and component life projects.
  • He has successfully led incident investigations (ICAM) across various mine sites and port facilities; and successfully reviewed, developed, and implemented fatal hazard controls.
  • Bruce has implemented component level risk assessments as part of FMEA to drive the scope and procedure of work on various plant and implemented processes for developing functional specifications based on a risk approach that improved the quality of technical specification across a major business function.
  • He has successfully maintained AM frameworks by leading audits across the various spans of operations down to a detailed micro-management level of developing and executing audits on specific sub-elements of AM.