Dan Wijerathne

BSc. Electrical Eng (Hons), MIEAust, NER, RPEQ

With over 8 years of experience in open-cut mines & large coal power plants, Dan possesses strong technical knowledge of managing projects in mines and power plant operations, risk assessments, and safety compliance.

As an electrical project engineer, he successfully managed to execute projects related to Heavy mining equipment and CHPP-related electrical projects. With a proven track record of ensuring efficient and reliable electrical systems, Dan is well-equipped to provide valuable insights and solutions to clients in the consulting field. He brings a compelling blend of technical expertise, project management skills, and a track record of successful implementations, making Dan a valuable asset in any project.


  • Electrical Project Engineering
  • Asset Management
  • Electrical Engineering & Design
  • Electrical Project Management
  • Safety & Risk Management

Track Record

  • Dan was instrumental in the installation of a lightning alert systems across the Bengalla opencut mine. This system show the status of current lightning alert level: Green, Blue, Amber, and Red. It will give the workforce general awareness of the site’s current lightning alert level.
  • While at the Bengalla mine, Dan managed to identify and migrate the 110VAC instrument circuits to 24VDC in the coal handling and preparation plant (CHPP). This project was critical to the mine as it reduced the risk of electric shock in the CHPP during maintenance and other electrical-related activities.
  • Dan project managed the upgrade of ladder controls in the Haul trucks, Graders, and Watercarts by making them momentary. This change allows compliance with AS 5327 and provides potential safety benefits to machine operators.
  • Dan project managed the installation of 2 x 750kVA and 1 x 250kVA diesel generators. During this project, he designed a PLC that took the total energy requirement as inputs and outputs to create a start/stop signal to the generators according to a pre-specified sequence. This provided energy and cost-efficient solutions for the client.
  • During his time at the Lakvijaya coal power plant, Dan was part of the team that tested asynchronous mode dead-bus charging of a 220kV bus in a Gas-insulated substation from the national grid. The project saw the plant able to quickly synchronise into the power system in a blackout situation reducing plant downtime.