Dan Wijerathne

BSc. Electrical Eng (Hons), MIEAust, NER, RPEQ

With over 7 years’ experience in large coal power plants, Dan possesses strong technical knowledge of power plant operations, risk assessments, and safety compliance.

As a Senior Authorised Person (SAP), he has participated in hazardous area assessments, and operated high-voltage gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) and electrical equipment. With a proven track record of ensuring efficient and reliable electrical systems, Dan is well-equipped to provide valuable insights and solutions to clients in the consulting field. He brings an effective blend of technical expertise, project management skills, and a track record of successful implementations, making Dan a valuable asset in any project.


  • Engineering Project Engineering
  • Asset Management
  • Electrical Engineering & Design
  • Electrical Project Management
  • Safety & Risk Management

Track Record

  • Dan was instrumental in the installation of a 1000kVA Cummins generator, synchronising it with another manufacturer’s existing generator (Caterpillar). He researched options and proposed a solution that ran both generators without any issues until a second 1000kVA Cummins generator could be installed at the site. This resulted in no downtime whilst the site utilised both diesel generators to commission their new plant equipment.
  • During his time at the Lakvijaya coal power plant, Dan was part of the team that tested asynchronous mode dead-bus charging of a 220kV bus in a Gas-insulated substation from the national grid. The project saw the plant able to quickly synchronise into the power system in a blackout situation reducing plant downtime.
  • Whilst at a coal power plant, Dan discovered that the hydrogen pressure used to cool a 300MW generator was gradually decreasing. He determined one of the hydrogen-sealing oil rings was faulty. Under his instruction, the oil seal was re-established and the unit was safely shut down, the hydrogen removed and replaced with Carbon Dioxide.
  • Dan project managed the installation of 2 x 750kVA and 1 x 250kVA diesel generators. During this project, he designed a PLC that took the total energy requirement as inputs and outputs to create a start/stop signal to the generators according to a pre-specified sequence. This provided energy and cost-efficient solutions for the client.