Dick Livingstone

Dip MineEng, Dip ProjMngt, MBA, G-MIRM

Dick has close to 45 years of experience in underground and open pit metalliferous and coal mines.

His vast experience covers a range of commodities including gold, nickel, copper, lead, zinc, silver, tin, tungsten, and coal. Dick’s roles have included being a miner, shift supervisor, mine planning engineer, drill and blast engineer, production engineer, mine manager, study manager, loss control manager and project manager. Throughout his career, Dick has focussed on achieving best value outcomes through diligent planning and implementation. In recent years he has specialised in project management including mining project studies, front end engineering and design, contracts management and project execution. Having been with Palaris for over 10 years, he a highly valued member of our team that delivers projects consistently on time and on budget.


  • Project Management
  • Tendering & Contracts Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Engineering & Design
  • Mine Planning

Track Record

  • Dick has significant experience in project development including exploration, feasibility studies, permitting, mine planning, tendering and contracts and mine construction.
  • The range of mine technical services he has been involved in include drilling and blasting, ventilation, mine design, short term and long term scheduling, reconciliation, ore reserves and reporting.
  • In gold, Dick’s experience includes exploration, resource estimation, planning and development of mines on quartz vein deposits with coarse and erratically distributed gold. He was responsible for the bringing the Ballarat Gold Project into production including the challenges of permitting to mine in an urban environment, project financing for a complex coarse gold deposit and geotechnical issues. He also conducted a successful pilot scale trial of a borehole mining system for extracting gold-bearing alluvials from deep paleochannels. Dick has been an owner of several gold exploration projects in Tasmania and Victoria.
  • Other specific projects that Dick was responsible for include bringing the Teutonic Bore base metals project into production, bringing the Que River Mine up to full production including the application of significant new technology and being involved in ensuring the profitability at Cleveland Tin Mine was maintained after the collapse of the tin price through careful mining practices and stringent cost control.
  • More recently Dick managed the planning, preparation and construction of several infrastructure projects at Ulan West Mine including for mine dewatering, ventilation and power supply.