Ivan D’Cruz

BEng (Mech) (Hons), MMinEng, Quarry Managers Cert (WA)

Ivan is a Mining Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the resources industry, five of those consulting both within Australia and Internationally.

He has had significant exposure with a range of commodities including iron ore, gold, copper, and zinc/lead open cut mines. Ivan is an expert at leading and facilitating teams to identify and effectively resolve problems, resulting in measurable and sustainable business improvement of mining operations. His success in this involves developing and managing continuous improvement and long-term planning activities in alignment with the mines business strategy.


  • Asset Performance & Optimisation
  • Business Improvement
  • Cost Modelling
  • Open Cut Drill & Blast
  • Project Delivery

Track Record

  • Ivan has solid experience in managing the business improvement functions of mines. Working with site managers, superintendents, engineers, supervisors, safety advisors and operators to reduce dollar per total material moved in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
  • He has run specific projects to success including haul truck tyre life improvement. Working with mobile maintenance and production superintendents to increase haul truck life from a 12 month moving average of 2,876 SMU (engine hours) to 4,217 SMU hours in ~ 24 months. This huge achievement was due to the focus on tyre model, operator behaviour and operating conditions.
  • Ivan successfully led the McArthur River Mine 2020 Explosive contract tender renegotiations. He completed a business case analysis of five key explosive suppliers to determine the most suitable supplier for the mine for the next 5 years. The mine was successful in negotiating a saving of ~ $5M over the next five-year term versus the 2020 baseline cost.
  • He has had significant involvement in management operating system (MOS) upgrades. Ivan worked with production leadership to build and embed operational standards to reduce time loss during shift changes and before and after blast. He implemented common standards across all crews, driving consistency in the way crews completed work. Coaching workforces on compliance and introducing short interval control (SIC) for dig and haulage units. This assisted supervisors to correct any in-shift variations from planned performance before any major impacts occurred.