Jesse Crawford

BEng (Mech)

This includes project management, contract management, scheduling, contractor supervision, risk management, engineering compliance auditing, development of procedures and management plans, technical drawing, engineering design and optimisation. He has worked in teams of Senior Mechanical and Mining Engineers, as well as having worked with our Safety and Risk Management General Manager. Jesse has experience in Pipe Flow fluid services modelling, Sidewinder conveyor design software, and has level 2 training in confined spaces.


  • Project, Contract & Schedule Management
  • Engineering Design, Compliance & Optimisation
  • WHS Auditing & Risk Assessment
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Health & Safety Leadership

Track Record

  • Jesse has been part of the Ulan Complex Major Projects team, namely working on the execution phase of a project to construct a ventilation and dewatering facility for underground operations. He was involved in managing the project, including contractor coordination, management and supervision, quality assurance, schedule management, stakeholder management, contract management, equipment introduction to site and worker onboarding.
  • Jesse has worked on design projects for South Wambo and SKE&C. His work for the South Wambo project included a high-level conveyor design in which old conveyor equipment was required to be reused to minimise capital expenditure. It involved the use of Side Winder Conveyor Software to determine conveyor tensions and drive head power requirements. He also used ProgeCAD to determine and draw conveyor arrangements and stockpile capacities. The SKE&C project involved designing a ventilation system including ducting and fan requirements. Results were calculated using a spreadsheet he created specifically for the project.
  • They have been several projects where Jesse has been required to find problems in inefficient systems. For Integra, he completed an analysis on their conveyor system delay data to determine what were the main reasons for conveyor and production stoppages. He has completed flow simulations on Kestrel South’s underground water supply system as part of a project to solve their water-cooling problems.
  • He has has worked in the Risk and Safety team to deliver risk assessments, update management plans and procedures, and complete compliance audits. He has completed numerous contract compliance audits, a safety shower audit, and confined space audits for which he has attained confined space training.