Matthew Callaghan

BEng (Mech)

Matthew is a Mechanical Engineer with experience in a broad range of engineering and safety related activities, including operational readiness, technical reviews, development of Safety in Design documentation, technical drawing, and engineering design & optimisation.
He has worked with several Palaris Senior Mechanical and Mining Engineers and is currently under the mentorship of the CEO and Principal Engineer of our sister company WaterGasRenew (WGR), which has greatly accelerated his development. Matthew has experience in Pipe Flow fluid and gas services modelling and extensive technical drafting experience.


  • Engineering & Design
  • Engineering Compliance
  • Engineering Optimisation
  • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Risk Management

Track Record

  • Matthew is working with University of Technology Sydney, under a Government grant supporting WGR in the development of next generation prototype products involving technical engineering, Safety in Design (HAZOP, FMEA and Design Risk assessment) and experimental validation.
  • He has undertaken extensive research into the current and evolving methods of gas utilisation allowing WGR to better advise clients and recommend methods to offset the carbon footprint of a mine operation.
  • As part of an operational readiness review for a potential dual Longwall operation, Matthew provided interview support and developed an action register and automated tracking schedule for the site Engineering Manager in which he provided support to site for any additional changes required.
  • He has been involved in the gas utilisation study for a proposed new mine development. This included analysing the LOM gas data to assist in equipment capacity and process design. Matthew assisted the project team identify potential locations for the surface infrastructure and the development of bill of materials and costing spreadsheets.
  • He has been involved in a water utilisation review, including working with an industrial chemist to review a proposed RO plant and its water sources to ensure that the plant is able to withstand the incoming feedwater and highlight a water quality testing program is able to be established.