Mike Wang

MEng (Mining), BEng (Mining)

With over 8 years of experience in the resources industry, Mike has a strong experience in production reporting for open cut operations.
He is proficient in using Spry, AutoCAD, and Minex. He is also a proficient in PowerBI, Caterpillar Star Edge Systems and VentSim, Mike has expertise in analysis, mine planning and assessment of blast performance in open cut operations.


  • Mine Design & Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Mine Design & Optimisation
  • Mine Scheduling & Planning
  • Open Cut Drill & Blast

Track Record

  • Mike was heavily involved in the production reporting and analysis of Gregory open cut operation. By using SQL, PowerBI reporting system and Caterpillar Star Edge production system, he was able to ensure the production reporting was done accurately and on time. Mike understands the challenge of gathering data for Star Edge system in a practical open cut operation and how it can affect the utilisation of machines and material reporting.
  • He was involved in the early stage of a Canadian potash project. He was interacting with different environmental and solution mining consultants, comparing, and analysing different mining and environmental assessment schemes. This experience gave him a greater understanding of working and thinking from a project owner perspective, and the importance of exceeding client expectations.
  • Mike’s experience in China helped him build a deep knowledge about the Chinese mining industry. He understands the mining investment in a cross-culture basis. Whilst in China, he completed 3D dig training and during this time, he quickly learnt the significance of predicting and modelling an accurate cast blast profile and how it can affect the following dragline design.
  • He has a deep understanding on how basalt intrusion can influence the blast performance both in prestrip and overburden cast blast. He was involved in the process of blast design optimisation in a Queensland open cut operation, where the blast work faced challenges like fragmentation, coal shunting, and wet holes.
  • Mike’s experience in Curtin University’s ventilation lab helped Alcoa’s Pinjarra project to be complaint with Western Australia environmental guidelines.