Ross Burden

BEng (Min), MAusIMM, MISEE, RIIRIS402E (G2), RIIRIS301E (G1)

Ross is a Principal Mine Engineer with over 25 years experience in the open cut coal and quarrying industries.
With a broad scope of expertise across 10 mine sites, areas of specialisation include terrace mine design and scheduling, mine haulage optimisation, through seam blasting and bulk explosives manufacture. Ross operates with a high level of collaboration to successfully deliver major projects, some of which have included tender mine plans and schedules, explosive supplier transitions, and blasting in environmentally sensitive conditions and locations.


  • Open Cut Drill & Blast
  • Mine Design & Optimisation
  • Mine Scheduling & Planning
  • Multi-Thin Seam Operations
  • Bulk Explosive Manufacture

Track Record

  • Ross developed mine plans and schedules for two successful contract extensions at Mount Owen Coal Mine as Technical Services Manager and then in a group mine planning position.  
  • He was responsible for a project to implement site laws for vibration prediction which required subsequent validating and updating of laws in the close proximity of electricity transmission lines. Ross also identified that the blast design process needed some simplification. The blasting regimes were planned and designed in such a manner to continually adjust size law factors and manage blast design for as repetitive a process as capable.
  • Ross successfully transitioned explosive suppliers at three mines. He was appointed contract owner for incoming supplier and responsible for the outgoing supplier, achieving minimal downtime and no injuries during the change out.
  • Based on preliminary plans and schedules developed to convert a dragline mine to a terrace type configuration, Ross’ final design ensured haulage optimisation with maximised floor for dump space release, whilst achieving greater geotechnical stability and more excavator friendly wall intersections.
  • Ross transitioned explosives suppliers to a partnership model at three contractor operated mines, ultimately achieving on-bench productivity, fume, blast performance and cost expectations the same or better whilst also changing electronic initiations systems.