Steph Byrom

BA (International Politics), Masters of Sustainable Systems (Environmental Markets)

An experienced senior manager with proven abilities in providing strategic and technical expertise to decarbonise the energy and natural resources sector.

Steph commenced her career with mining major Rio Tinto, holding a series of diverse roles across climate change, environmental operations, and energy market reporting and analysis. Moving into consulting, she specialised in energy technology and climate policy, eventually moving to a senior role in climate and energy transition in a big four advisory firm. Steph continues to develop her specialisation into decarbonisation by currently undertaking a PhD focused on climate and energy policy.


  • Decarbonisation
  • Strategic Pathway Planning
  • Energy Technology & Policy
  • Climate & Energy Transition
  • Environmental Operations

Track Record

  • Senior manager focused on climate and energy transition for a big four advisory firm, delivering strategic advice to decarbonise the energy and natural resources sectors, including holistic decarbonisation strategy, analysis of geopolitical impacts on domestic climate policy, electricity network strategy, ESG, and pathways to convert net zero targets to tangible actions.
  • Principal consultant at boutique consulting firm, Gamma Energy Technology, specialising in energy policy and technology. This included analysis of current and future power generation technologies, composition of policy advice, and effective communication of complex concepts, delivering to Government bodies, industry bodies and private industry clients.
  • Analyst focused on energy commodities and technologies at Rio Tinto Energy, providing analysis of current and future generation technologies, plus oversight of monitoring, reporting and verification of greenhouse and energy data compliance.
  • Environmental operations at Mount Thorley Warkworth coal mine for Coal and Allied, fulfilling compliance obligations and frontline contact for local communities and regulators for Mining Consent Conditions.
  • Two years into a PhD thesis developing a roadmap to a net zero future through policy and market mechnisms, focusing on a net zero electricity grid with the lowest total systems cost while meeting inertia requirements. This thesis considers the optimal route to decarbonising the grid, associated constraints, and the pathway to a “most likely” scenario.