Muhammad Uzair Idrees

BEng (Elec)

With over 3 years of experience in the resources sector, both in Pakistan and Australia, Uzair is a professional Electrical Engineer with diverse range of experience and knowledge in maintenance, operation, installation, and design of high and low voltage electrical systems. 
He has expertise in overhauling of AC motors and generators, electrical design management, commissioning, and testing.


  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Compliance and Auditing
  • Asset Management
  • Engineering Optimisation
  • Safety & Risk Management

Track Record

  • Uzair participated in overhauling of 2.5 MW Alternator, which was determined a level four maintenance that is due after 80,000 hours of operation and is expected to occur once in 20 years. It was a major maintenance activity that involved de-energising, dismantling, cleaning, testing and reassembling machinery.
  • He participated in the overhauling of 132KV grid station, that involved maintenance of transformers, SF6circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers, busbars, and relays.
  • Uzair has completed inspections of new equipment including transformers, circuit breakers, induction motors and cables.
  • He has experience in conducting resistance tests, relay testing, break down voltage tests, and dissolved gas analysis.
  • Uzair was awarded for proposing the best and most detailed energy saving plan in the energy saving week at Attock Refinery Limited. His concept enabled the company to save several kilo watts of power every day.