Luke Hamson

Dip Surveying, TAEDEL301, TAEASS402

With close to 25 years in the coal mining industry within Australia in both underground and open cut, Luke has held various senior engineering and technical positions.

He has significant experience in open cut mines covering both small operations and Tier 1 assets. During his career, Luke has led many mining projects from mine planning through to feasibility and execution phases. He has acted as study manager for both Palaris and owners side studies. Luke has successfully supported operations in identifying their decarbonisation pathways, drawing on his experience across open cut and underground emissions challenges. Coupled with his strong project management experience in consulting, Luke has a strong breadth and depth of both technical and operational experience and can astutely understand the value drivers of projects.


  • Study Management
  • Decarbonisation
  • Financial Analysis and Valuation
  • Mine Strategic Review
  • Multi-Thin Seam Operations

Track Record

  • Luke has acted as owners study manager for a pre-feasibility study of a greenfield operation in QLD. He led contractor engagement and management, study schedules, reporting and investment decision preparation on behalf of the asset owner.
  • He led the development of the operating strategy that managed both the underground atmosphere, including the continued gas drainage and remote sealing, as well as the open cut’s interactions and mining methodologies at Bulga Open Cut as it mined into 3 previously operated UG coal mines, 2 of which have high methane levels.
  • As Technical Services Manager at Bulga Open Cut, Luke was involved in a number of major project approvals, having led the mine planning through the feasibility and execution readiness phases.
  • As project manager, he has led a decarbonisation options identification project for a mine in NSW. The project involved identification of all sources of emissions, a review of possible technologies for abatement, coordination of a workshop to ensure site engagement and evaluation of the alternatives through development of Marginal Abatement Cost Curves. The project identified several key initiatives, with upgrades to the CHPP realising significant value for the project through improvements to overall yield.
  • Luke has led and been involved in multiple due diligence projects whilst at Palaris. This includes leading the technical and financial due diligence of the Sev.en Global partial acquisition of Coronado Global Resources.