Value & Risk

Identifying and optimising key value drivers, focused on mitigating the material risks, mapping the path forward

“Wherever you are in the asset lifecyle,
we’ll help you find the path forward”

  • Technical Risk
    • Every deposit is unique, creating risks requiring custom thinking. Working across the life cycle in a range of commodities and locations, provides key insight into what has and hasn’t worked. Access to real world feedback loops, building value into design.
  • Financial Risk
    • Deep technical experience combined with strong financial understanding, creates ability to communicate the materiality and risk in project value drivers to investors and lenders. Teams that help navigate a technically sound and commercially practical path between owner and financier.
  • Operational Risk
    • Many designs work on paper but implementing them into the realities of natural environments and human factors comes with challenges. At the component or asset level, operational risks require cross-discipline teams and solutions considering system wide value.
  • Environmental &
    Social Risk
    • Increasing focus on environment and social impacts is expanding the project risk definition. Contribution to and adaptability to climate change is now captured, necessitating new technical mitigations. A key is specialists who can unlock value in the process.