Decarbonisation Pathway

Pathway to decarbonisation requires multiple skillsets, one of the few consultancies that crosses mining, processing, engineering, risk and finance, with an existing track record in emissions reduction

Baseline Assessments

Emissions mapping to identify key energy consuming process steps, to benchmark energy consumption, and emissions abated and generated against peers within the industry

Carbon Measurements
& Accounting

Scope 1 and 2 emissions monitoring, reporting and verification for mining and processing operations to meet reporting requirements

Efficiency &
Technology Selection

Identification of alternative energy technologies and process efficiencies, such as process design optimisation, productivity improvements and new technology options, using marginal abatement cost curves to prioritise benefits

Pathway Planning

Developing practical roadmaps for low emissions operations, prioritising actions using financial modelling and socio-political analysis to support the business case for change

Gas Utilisation

In-house gas modelling team with a significant track record of gas abatement, management and utilisation studies, including fugitive emissions reporting and reduction strategies, and modelling using SIMED™ software

Implementation Planning

Project management teams can provide procurement and installation of technical solutions, along with change management with support documentation


Decarbonisation Pathway


Optimisation Projects


Gas & Ventilation


Equipment Optimisation

We are focused on helping you understand your current carbon footprint, and define your strategy to net zero

We can provide prioritised and defensible actions, supported by marginal abatement cost curves and socio-political analysis in planning your decarbonisation pathway

Using accredited specialists, we can assist with scope 1 and 2 emissions reporting, as well as define your scope 3 footprint

Our gas management specialists can define methane management strategies and utilisation options, helping to reduce your carbon abatement costs

We can help you identify the range of technological options available immediately and in the near term, to support your net zero ambitions

Our dedicated project team will support your decarbonisation effort every step of the way

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