Underground Copper Mine Australia


Development of a battery vehicle management plan for an underground copper mine, involving assessment of required inspections along with a facilitated site-based consultation.


For one of its long-standing Clients, on the back of a previous risk assessment undertaken by Palaris for the introduction of battery vehicles to the site underground copper mining operations, Palaris was engaged to develop a battery vehicle management plan.

The plan was to be developed collaboratively with the Client’s site team as part of its commitment to consultation as well as compliance.


To undertake the scope Palaris provided a cross-discipline engineering, safety and risk team.

Initially relevant inspection sheets for the vehicles were identified. These were then assessed against relevant Australian Standards, the Client’s own electrical management plans/procedures, OEM material and industry practice. Following this existing O&M risk management was reviewed for opportunities to prepopulate risk assessment associated with the management plan. Palaris then developed/updated the documentation to meet any requirements identified in the derived Electrical Actions Register.

Competency questions based on the specific topic were development plus inspection sheets, a risk assessment and the standard were populated ready for onsite consultation. Consultation involved a facilitated workshop on the Client’s site with its relevant personnel. Palaris also contributed a subject matter expert to the workshop.


Since development of the plan Palaris has been further engaged by the Client to prepare an isolation procedure and training package for part of its battery vehicle fleet.