Our Added Value

Practical specialists grounded in real world experience, providing technical and commercial knowledge across development and operations

Value Proposition

Palaris has a formidable portfolio, spanning over 4,000 completed projects across a broad range of technical areas and industries. Our track record provides you with the assurance that we evaluate opportunities insightfully, solve productivity challenges and improve performance across the mining cycle.

What Makes Us Different

  1. More than solely consultants we come from project development, operational and corporate roles, that provide asset wide and full project cycle perspectives
  2. Running small, focused and dedicated teams from our global offices
  3. Our history of working with financiers from feasibility into operation gives us key insights on how to move from paper to production
  4. Pragmatic and focused on the material matters, providing advice in concise definitive reports with feedback loops
  5. With our own in-house financial analysts you get commercial understanding behind every technical deliberation
  6. We understand that your needs will change over the asset lifecycle, our support can vary to match
  7. Any scale from system level to portfolio wide, flexible and cost effective

International & Remote Capabilities

Palaris has been working remotely with our clients for over 20 years. Many of our clients can attest to our capability in the remote delivery of high quality services covering the areas of geology, mine planning, financial modelling, risk services, engineering services and project controls.

Contact us to see how our remote capabilities can benefit your business.


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