Rachael Rowley

BSc (Geo), GradCert Eng Mining.

Rachael is an experienced geologist and mining analyst with over 5 years in the Australian resources industry, particularly within open cut coal mining.

She has worked in production focused geological support roles, including exploration, short and long term mine planning, and geotechnical aspects of open cut mine environments. Rachael has also undertaken project management and technical roles, alongside production-based crew roles for specific project deliveries. As part of her diverse range of knowledge, skills and experiences, she is also extremely competent in a range of software including Xeras, Minescape, Minex and MS Excel. Rachael has completed high-level asset valuations for Australian coal mines and is completing a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance.


  • Geological Characterisation
  • Geological Database & Modelling Development/Reviews
  • Multi-Thin Seam Operations
  • Resource & Reserve Estimation
  • Exploration Strategies & Management
  • Project Evaluation & Feasibility Studies

Track Record

  • As a Production Geologist for Anglo American in the Bowen Basin (QLD) area, Rachael discovered incorrect coal quality input into a resource model. The area was in the middle of a designed bench due to be blasted within one month. As a result, the area was then redesigned, and the bench was stepped up over the intruded section of the coal seam. In collaboration with scheduling, Rachael and team were able to find/blend product from other areas to meet contractual requirements and extensive saving.
  • During her time with Anglo American, Rachael as the Project Manager & Geological Modeller discovered poor geological model in a potential mining area. She undertook the design and implementation of an exploration plan for the area as well as a review of historic boreholes and created an updated geological model. The area was put into a short term mine plan and mined. This added significant value to the mine, including increased ROM tonnage and a more accurate geological model.
  • Rachael has experience as a geologist and analyst as part of concept, pre-feasibility studies and quantitative risk assessments. Analyst skills include financial modelling for open-cut (OC) and underground (UG) assets using discounted cash flow (DCF) and asset valuation for mining and exploration projects.
  • Poor production tonnage and coal quality reconciliation process lead to Rachael designing and implementing a robust reconciliation process for accurate progress monitoring and dig closeout. The reconciliation tool allowed for the targets to be tracked accurately and consistently approved, along with improved feedback throughout the production and processing cycle within the mine.