Palaris was requested to undertake a market assessment of the potential for both mine site power generation and water management equipment growth within several regions by a major Investment Bank.


The purpose of Palaris’ engagement was to assess the potential size and growth of the on-site mine power generation and water management equipment markets. This was for the purpose of considering growth strategies for a service provider. The need was to build a database of existing and future operations while projecting their replacement and growth cycles.  

For power provision not only the demand quantities were required but also the existing and likely forms of provision (diesel, gas, renewables). On the water component basic mine site water balances were needed to break the equipment needs down between the various water movement requirements such as dewatering, water disposal and tailings water recovery 


To develop the required database Palaris adopted a multi-angle approach supplementing its own asset database with further information gained directly from asset owners where possible and from regulatory permitting and approvals and project development studies.  

These layered datasets were used to build an existing and 5-year total demand outlook. Over the top of this using useful equipment lives a replacement schedule was formulated for the existing assets to combine with the new equipment needs of start-up operations. Existing asset mine lives were also accounted for, considering scheduled mine closures over the forecast period.  


Palaris database and growth forecast was utilised by the Client to inform decision making as to which regions offered the highest potential opportunities for expansion. The study also highlighted interesting trends between fuel mixes, not only introduction of renewables but trends towards trucked LNG over traditional diesel fired remote power plants.